Information About Your Procedure

– Arthrogram
– Bursal Injection
– Facet Joint Injection
– Joint Injection
– Nerve Root Sleeve Injection


Western Radiology makes every effort to ensure the information we hold about you is accurate, complete and current. You will be asked to confirm information occasionally to assist with this process. You may also be asked to check your personal information and make amendments to improve the accuracy of the information. We take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, loss, modification and disclosure. Our information systems have restricted access and are backed up on a regular basis.

Access to your medical records, which includes reports and images, is provided to your referring doctor in the course of your care. On occasions, your referring doctor may request that your records are made available to another doctor for the purposes of a second opinion or further management. In addition, your doctor may request that your images and reports are made available to another radiology provider to provide a further opinion, or for comparison/correlation with subsequent imaging. All access to Western Radiology patient data provided to other clinicians, facilities or imaging providers is logged. This access is provided based on consent obtained from your referring doctor or clinicians personally involved in your current care.

Safety (Dosage)

You will be exposed to a very small dose of radiation if you undergo an X-ray or CT Scan at Western Radiology. We use the latest in advanced digital X-ray equipment to ensure you are exposed to the minimum amount of radiation needed to obtain adequate images.